Our Story

Our founder, Sachin Doshi, started Weave Co-Living in 2017 in Hong Kong after a long inception process, and a career in real estate investment and development, and finance across Asia Pacific. The idea of bringing co-living to Hong Kong and the region had been percolating in his mind for some time; after defining Weave’s mission, he took the plunge into the start-up world and shortly thereafter raised a seed funding round. We are very excited about our brand and look forward to bringing our fresh perspective on collaborative living to a city near you!

In the news

“Weave Co-Living’s business model seems sure to work at a time when Hong Kong faces a palpable shortage of affordable (co-) living space”

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“Weave Co-Living has raised USD60M to invest into the co-living space and acquired its first property in Kowloon that will be refurbished extensively”

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“At Weave, we are going the extra mile to make co-living an appealing accommodation solution such that young professionals live there because they want to, not because they have no other affordable alternatives.”

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The Weave Lifestyle

Weave provides impeccably designed, functional en-suite bedrooms at affordable, all-inclusive rents. We deconstruct elements of a traditional home such that spaces like living room, kitchen, breakfast bar, gym, and library are either provided on each resident floor or on amenity floors for our residents to share. Our properties are close to public transport in locations with extensive social amenities.



The Weave Difference

At Weave, we provide more than just a home. Our on-site community team is always available to make the lives of our residents as comfortable as possible. Our personalized proprietary technology platform not only allows our residents to live hassle-free, but also engage with the wider Weave community.



The Weave Community

Weave provides our residents with an avenue to not only connect with their fellow residents, but also allows them to get involved and inspire the greater Weave community by joining in our monthly events that are open for all.

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