CEO for the Day 2020

By admin 13 March 2020

Ever wondered what it takes to be a CEO?

Weave values diversity both in the communities that we curate and the teams we put together to serve them. We pride ourselves in attracting highly talented team members, achieving an organic gender balance across all levels of the company.

This International Women’s Day, we took the chance to do a CEO for the Day exercise where one of our female colleagues was chosen at random to do a one day takeover of the CEO position at Weave Co-Living.

Our Community Team member Karix was the lucky participant and got to experience a day as CEO, attending all scheduled meetings; our CEO and Founder Sachin became a part of our vital Community Team for the day instead.

Check out what each of them had to say after the day (S for Sachin and K for Karix).

CEO for the Day 1 - CEO for the Day 2020

What was going on in your head before the day and what did you hope to achieve?

S: My last real experience of being a part of the Community Team was when we opened Weave on Boundary in August 2018! I recall it was all hands on deck getting the space ready to welcome our first residents and it was an action packed few days.

In my mind it was going to be a chaotic day, but when I arrived, it was totally different! It was amazing to see how organised our on-site Community Team and operations are despite the non-stop nature of things.

I was expecting a little bit of everything and that’s what I got – a typical day in the life of our CT.

CEO for the Day Sachin 2 - CEO for the Day 2020

K: I was excited to know how the company operates from the CEO’s perspective and how our teams communicate with each other. I was hoping to know more about the future roadmap of Weave through the meetings with other colleagues.

CEO for the Day Karix 1 - CEO for the Day 2020

How was your experience on the day?

S: The team walked me through the morning routine of checking the overnight incident logs (which there were none), making the rounds checking several areas of the building, logging into the system to address any maintenance requests, preparing bedrooms for move-ins, ideating on new community events and more.

I got to prepare a bedroom for a new move-in. That was exciting. I activated their Weave Key and even handwrote a personalised welcome note, as we do for all our new residents. I also got a chance to hang out in the living room and interact with some residents, understanding their needs, sharing their experience at Weave and even getting in a quick hit of ping pong.

I got a much better appreciation of the multifaceted role our Community Team plays. They truly are ambassadors of our brand and residents really look to them as their friends, mentors, confidantes. It was satisfying to see the whole idea of Weave playing out in front of my eyes in its full glory.

CEO for the Day Sachin 4 - CEO for the Day 2020
CEO for the Day Sachin 3 - CEO for the Day 2020
CEO for the Day Sachin 1 - CEO for the Day 2020

K: I had a tight schedule of six back to back meetings with several team heads, from our Finance Team, Investments Team, Operations Team, Experience Team, IT/System Team to our Leasing Team. I didn’t expect the meetings to be so intense to the point that I didn’t even have time to take a break in between!

It was well worth it though, to see the bigger picture of how our business operates at different stages, especially the acquisition and refurbishment stages that I normally don’t get involved in as part of the Community Team. All these are important things I wouldn’t have experienced if not for the opportunity to take over the CEO position for the day.

CEO for the Day Karix 2 - CEO for the Day 2020

What is something you want other people to know about the job you took over?

S: The Community Team is like an orchestra conductor. On the one hand, you ensure the smooth operations of the property by being the point person between the residents, Operations, Maintenance, Security and Experience Teams; on the other hand, a big part of our team’s time is spent learning about our residents, building that close knit community that Weave is famous for.

Our Community Team really is the heart and soul of our business. I was moved by their commitment to ensuring our residents are happy and well taken care of. And, the Thai food staff meal at Fong Waa Parlour was a bonus!

K: I heard from different Teams and it seems every team has their own difficulties to deal with, e.g government departments and vendors, budgets, community events and unforeseen circumstances. As CEO, it is important to coordinate with all the departments to help the business. Most importantly, the leadership’s core job is  to support the staff and maintain a positive vibe in the company.

When talking with Sachin after the whole experience, I heard him say “my job is to keep everyone happy”. I can feel how much he supports the team and puts the staff as his top priority.

CEO for the Day 2 - CEO for the Day 2020

What is your biggest take away from the experience?

S: For a company like Weave, the seamless interaction and collaboration between our on-site Community Teams and Corporate Teams is key to our success. I encourage our Community Team to spend more time in the corporate office and vice versa to take our offering to a whole new level

One notices so many little things when spending a day in each other’s shoes and that first-hand experience is invaluable in making small changes to how we do things and make them that much better.

K: I can now imagine immense pressure and the amount work that goes into being a CEO, especially if they are a founder too. There are so many critical decisions at every stage while trying to uphold the initial vision and balancing business needs. It may seem glossy on the outside but what people see may just be the shiny exterior.