Lunar New Year is coming!

By admin 24 January 2020

Lunar New Year is around the corner, do you know how to prepare and spend the New Year in Hong Kong?


Fai Chun is a traditional decoration which people will use to decorate their home during Lunar New Year. Fai Chun is usually a piece of red paper with well wishes written on it which is then put up on walls to increase the atmosphere of the New Year.

Weave’s Residents also gathered to decorate their homes at Weave for the New Year! Our Community and Experience Team prepared red paper and Chinese calligraphy ink for the Residents, where they enjoyed the fun of Fai Chun writing of well wishes!

Some of the Fai Chun our Residents wrote, instead of well wishes or greeting phrases, they had written phrases like “Remember to bring your key”? These are things that our Residents tend to forget, so we specially prepared these phrases for them in hopes to ‘remind’ them not to forget again in the New Year! ;P

These are some specially prepared phrases for our Residents:

記得帶匙 (Remember to bring your key)
記得洗碗 (Remember to wash your dishes)
準時交租 (Pay the rent on time) 


During Lunar New Year, many families will prepare a traditional candy box to greet their guests. Different kinds of sweets and fried food are put into the box. Sweets such as sweetened winter melon and sweetened lotus seed has the meaning that the New Year will bring you happiness and sweetness. Fried food which has golden colour means wishing an abundance of wealth in the New Year.

At Weave, we also prepared a traditional candy box for our Residents that is filled with candies and chocolates to wish our Residents have a sweet year ahead!

candy box - Lunar New Year is coming!


Before Lunar New Year, many families will have a Lunar New Year Clean-Up. There is a saying that if you do spring cleaning before the New Year, it gets rid of all the bad luck and illness of the previous year, in turn it’ll bring you good luck and fortune for the following year!


Family members will get together at Lunar New Year’s Eve and have a reunion dinner to welcome the New Year.

Weave also had an early reunion dinner with our Residents! ‘Poon Choi’ was prepared for our Residents, which is one of the most notable walled-village dishes in Hong Kong. Different ingredients such as chicken and shrimp are layered in a large bowl, with a meaning of wealth (盆滿缽滿) and living well (豐衣足食). Residents from different countries were impressed by the Poon Choi which is full of local flavour and tradition!

20200118 115041594 iOS scaled - Lunar New Year is coming!


Chinese has a tradition of giving Lai See during Lunar New Year. Married elders will give Lai See to children or single people to bring or ‘spread’ the luck around. An important point to remember is that the amount in Lai See must end with an even digit as Chinese always believe in good things come in pairs!

mae mu hPmwHHfizsk unsplash scaled - Lunar New Year is coming!


It is always a good idea to make wishes for the coming year and Lam Tsuen in Tai Po is a place you cannot miss! There are two banyan trees (which we call them the wishing trees) where people will write down their name, birthday and wish on a joss paper, tied it with an orange and then throw it up a tree so it hangs on a branch. There is a saying that the higher you hang it on the tree, the higher chance your wish will come true!

This year, the Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival will be held from 25 January to 9 February. Why not take a day trip to Lam Tsuen during this New Year Holiday? You can make a wish, try your best to throw your wish as high as you can onto the wishing trees, and also join the food carnival, which you can have a taste of Hong Kong’s local snacks and Hakka food!

tree - Lunar New Year is coming!

How to get to Lam Tsuen from Weave on Boundary/ Weave on Baker?

Weave on Boundary:

From Prince Edward station, take the MTR to Kowloon Tong station, then transfer to East Rail line to Tai Po Market station, take the bus (no.64K) at Exit A3, then get off the bus at Ma Po station.

Weave on Baker:

From Hung Hom station, take the East Rail Line and get off at Tai Po Market station, take the bus (no.64K) at Exit A3, then get off the bus at Ma Po station.

Last but not least, on behalf of Weave Co-Living, we wish everyone good luck, good health and full of happiness in the year of the Rat!