Community Roundup – Feb 2020

By admin 4 March 2020

The recent coronavirus has certainly dampened the mood in Hong Kong and cities around Asia, but it’s important to remember that this too will pass and as before we will bounce back! In the meantime, there is always something to celebrate and at Weave we take our celebrations seriously – be that a promotion, a birthday (our CEO celebrated his big 4-0), a new joiner into the team or a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine.

To help ensure the health of our community, our Cleaning Team went into overdrive, diligently making sure that high traffic areas like our lifts and door handles are disinfected more regularly than usual. As a lot of the residents had to work from home, all the shared facilities from tables and chairs to gym equipment and gaming consoles were also disinfected more frequently.

To ensure better air quality, all the air-conditioning units and exhausted fans are also went through deep cleans at more frequent intervals.  Even our Security Team is pitching in for mandatory temperature checks for anyone entering the building.

A massive thank you to both teams for the extra effort to help keep our community healthy.

Regardless of what is going on, exercise is essential to a health lifestyle. May it be aerial yoga with Happy Kidult Yoga, circuit training with Angel or even a hike to Tai O, we’ve been helping our community stay active.

Traditionally, February would mean seeing Valentine’s Day everywhere you go. This year’s celebrations called for more creativity, so we got together with some residents for a jam making workshop. Guess nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like vitamin C rich strawberry jam?

Hong Kong has some challenging times ahead but we’ll be right here taking care of our community.


The Community Team