Events Roundup – Jan 2020

By admin 4 February 2020

“Let’s start 2020 with a BANG!” was exactly what we were thinking when we were planning events for Jan 2020.

We started it off with some tasting sessions (wine and beer) courtesy of The Oak Crafted and Pretty Awesome Experience where our residents learned about different kinds of wine and beer and how to tell the good from the bad.

In an attempt to balance out all the eating and drinking on its way for Chinese New Year, we ran the Hong Kong Streetathon 2020. We huffed and we puffed and we definitely had a great time supporting a good cause. This was our first year taking part in the Streetahon and we’re looking forward to many more!

Along with January came one of the biggest celebrations in Chinese culture – Chinese New Year. For a lot of our residents, this was their first encounter with this festival and it was our pleasure to share what we know.

We enjoyed some Poon Choi (a traditional Cantonese dish that has gained prominence in Hong Kong), the residents taught each other how to write Fai Chun with a modern twist and we all pitched in to decorate the shared spaces in the festive spirit.

It was an amazing way to kick the year off and Chinese New Year is always a great time to be in Hong Kong. Looking forward to see what we’ll get up to for the rest of 2020.


The Community Team