Residents’ Choice – Top Picks for Food in Prince Edward

By admin 28 May 2020
Prince Edward - Residents' Choice - Top Picks for Food in Prince Edward

Prince Edward is a haven for affordable eats that are cool and funky at the same time. Increasingly popular among expats and foreign students that want a splash of local culture but not be too far away from the center of action, Prince Edward sees equal amounts of old school traditional local food and hip new trendy places. We asked our residents for their top picks for food in the area and they came up with some interesting choices.

1. 芳華絕代 Fong Waa Parlour

An innovative cross between a craft beer bar, coffee place and Thai restaurant with the booming days of 1960s Hong Kong and Shanghai as a backdrop. Fong Waa Parlour is definitely a favourite among our residents for its amazing food, specialty drinks and craft beer. It being downstairs from our building doesn’t hurt either.

Must Try: Pad Thai, Mango Sticky Rice, Thai Milk Tea
Bonus Points: Very Instagram-able neon signs and murals
Address: 1 & 2/F, 36 Boundary Street, Mong Kok

2. 美味饺子店 Mei Mei Dumplings

A local establishment that is tucked away on Tai Nan Street, Mei Mei Dumplings often sees long queues outside its shop for dinner as early as 6pm and sometime sells out even before then. It is well known for it generously sized dumplings and homemade fish broth soup.

Must Try: Pork and chives dumplings, anything with the fish broth soup
Address: G/F, 74 Tai Nan Street, Prince Edward

3. 小麵站(pronounced as Xiu Min Jaam)

A hole in the wall type of place at the very end of Portland Street where seating may or not may be an option depending on time of day (they only bring out the tables and chairs at night). 小麵站 sells Sichuan style food from wontons to noodles and all items on menu are HK$30 or below making it a neighbourhood favourite. It’s so local and underground we couldn’t even find a photo on Instagram of it.

Must Try: Sichuan Wontons (重慶雲吞), Sichuan style cold noodles with shredded chicken (雞絲涼麵), Sichuan style black fungus salad (涼拌黑木耳)
Address: Shop A, G/F, 456 Portland Street, Prince Edward

4. 阿嫲現烤手工蛋糕 Ah Ma Handbaked Cake

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, this place is the one for you. Freshly handmade traditional Taiwan style cakes are seeing a fresh wave of popularity in Hong Kong with several shops opening up in Prince Edward alone. This shop in particular sets itself apart with its fluffy but heavy texture as well as it nice balanced of egg fragrance with the additional flavours. Some people actually note down the schedule to come get the cakes straight out of the oven (our residents have started calling ahead to reserve them).

Must Try: Oreo flavour, Double Cheese flavour
Address: Shop B, G/F, 456 Portland Street, Prince Edward

5. 一點心 One Dim Sum

Hong Kong is known to have some of the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants in the world and although One Dim Sum no longer have theirs, it is still easily one of the best dim sum places in town. They’ve moved across the street to a bigger space with slightly nicer décor but the dim sum is still as good as it gets and the price perfectly affordable.

Must Try: Siu Mai (Steam Pork Dumplings), Ham Sui Kok (Fried Dumpling with Salted Meat), Dan San (Egg Stick with Condensed Milk)
Address: G/F, 209A-209B Tung Choi Street, Prince Edward

6. 月橋正宗越南湯粉 Pho Kieu Vietnamese Restaurant

A hidden gem on Boundary Street, Pho Kieu is a small restaurant that is run by a Vietnamese lady. Very authentic and affordable with friendly staff, the place gives a homey vibe and is guaranteed to satisfy your craving for Vietnamese food.

Must Try: Vietnamese Spring Roll, Bánh Mì
Address: G/F, 39 Boundary Street, Prince Edward

7. Lamlamli

Lamlamli started out as an online shop before opening a brick and mortar in Prince Edward. They specialize in mille crepe cakes often featuring a gooey lava center with popular flavours such as matcha, early grey and chocolate. Picture this, their pre-order usually fills up weeks in advance but the flavours are only available for choosing the day before. Plan ahead if you want a taste of this.

Must Try: Matcha Lava, Chocolate Lava
Address: Shop A2, G/F, 12 Boundary Street, Prince Edward

8.元朗冰室 Yuen Long Bistro

Yuen Long Bistro but not in Yuen Long, one of those phenomenon that’s quite common in Hong Kong. This one’s part of a chain with several places around Hong Kong known for its juicy pork chops. It also gets extra points for its long opening hours as it is frequented by travelers getting on/off the Shenzhen shuttles that have stations in Prince Edward.

Must Try: any of their dishes with pork chops
Bonus Points: Open 24/7
Address: Shop G2-7, G/F, Edward Mansion, 141 Prince Edward Road West, Prince Edward