Weave’s Measures Against COVID-19

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to support social distancing, the following measures are being implemented at all Weave Co-Living buildings.

These are difficult times and any measures taken by Weave are after much deliberation keeping our residents’ best interests at heart.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

For the most updated information on the situation in Hong Kong relating to COVID-19, please check out coronavirus.gov.hk.


Q: I’m looking for a new place to live. Is Weave still accepting new residents?

A: Yes, we will continue to accept new residents. Applicants that require Mandatory Home Quarantine upon move-in will be considered on a case by case basis.

Q: Can a new resident move-in to Weave to do their Compulsory Home Quarantine?

A: Applications from people seeking only to do their mandatory home quarantine at Weave are not being accepted.

Q: I’m thinking of moving-in at Weave. Can I visit the building before deciding?

A: All visitors to the building are required to fill out a Health Declaration Form and will need to wear a face mask for the duration they are in the building. There are also Virtual Tours of the shared spaces on our website for reference, along with photos of our actual bedrooms.

On-site Weave staff

Q: Will there continue to be staff on site at the buildings?
The Community Team, Maintenance Team, Housekeeping Team and Security will continue to be on site but will limit interaction with residents where possible and maintain a safe social distance.

Q: Will there be any additional measures for Weave staff?
All on-site Weave staff (including our Maintenance Team and Cleaning Team) will wear face masks when at the properties. The wearing of face masks does not mean that anyone from the team is sick (any staff that exhibits any symptoms will be asked to stay home), this is an extra precaution to limit exposure for both our team and the community. All residents are highly recommended to wear face masks outside of their individual bedrooms.


Q: What will happen with events for residents at Weave?
In-person events will be resumed gradually with appropriate preventive measures in place, including but not limited to requiring all participants to wear face masks, no sharing of cutlery and safe physical distances where possible. Residents will continue to receive notifications about events through the Weave Portal.

Shared Spaces

Q: Are the shared spaces at the buildings still available to residents?
All shared spaces at the buildings continue to be available to residents.

Q: Are there any restrictions to residents using shared spaces?
Residents’ access to shared spaces remain the same unless otherwise specified. Residents are highly recommended to wear face masks when using shared spaces and maintain a safe physical distance where possible. Residents are encouraged to use the shared spaces during off-peak hours.

Quarantine Measures

Q: What would happen if a resident requires Compulsory Home Quarantine?
If an existing resident is required to do a Compulsory Home Quarantine, we will fully comply with requirements from the Department of Health and the Community Team will provide assistance to such residents where needed.

Q: Are there any residents that are under Compulsory Home Quarantine at Weave?
A: We will periodically update residents on whether there are residents that are under Compulsory Home Quarantine in their respective building.  Personal details of residents under Compulsory Home Quarantine will not be disclosed to other residents.

Q: Have there been any confirmed COVID-19 cases at Weave?
A: At the time of writing, there are no suspected or confirmed cases among residents or the various teams at Weave. If any confirmed cases were to occur, an announcement along with measures to be taken will be made promptly with guidance from the Department of Health on next steps.

Visitors to the Buildings

Q: Are visitors still allowed at Weave?
A: Visitors are allowed into the building but conditions as to whom residents are allowed to bring into Weave and visitors’ conduct while at the building apply. This includes mandatory temperature check upon entry, filling out a health and travel declaration form, wearing of face masks while in lifts and corridors etc. Any visitors in breach of their own Compulsory Home Quarantine will be reported to the Department of Health and the resident’s license with Weave will be immediately terminated.

We request residents to exercise sound judgement when entertaining any visitors, during this period (especially when gathering in groups) as your actions may affect all residents and our team in the building.


Q: What extra sanitation measures have been taken?
We have taken a series of measures to lower the possibility of the virus spreading throughout our building.

  1. All surfaces in shared spaces, door handles and lifts continue to be sanitised at increased frequency with disinfectant.
  2. Touchless hand sanitizers have been installed at the entrance to the lifts and in shared spaces.
  3. Following the guidelines by the Centre For Health Protection, we regularly clean the drains throughout the properties.
  4. A disinfecting door mat has been added to the buildings’ main entrance.