Meet the Team – Fibe

By admin 14 November 2019

Name: Fibe

Position: Community Associate, Weave on Boundary

Fibe is one of our Community Associates at Weave on Boundary. She was part of the pre-opening team for Boundary and is loved by all the community members.

What does co-living mean to you?

Co-living is about meeting like-minded people in a shared space while still having a bedroom with privacy.

Considering how fast-paced Hong Kong is, a co-living space should be as hassle-free as possible. Living with young professionals from different industries allows our residents to gain greater exposure to other cultures without traveling around. Especially for those who are new to Hong Kong, events at Weave will definitely be their first point to make new friends and these connections enable a true community.

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What is your most memorable moment at Weave?

The most memorable thing that happened at Weave for me must be braving the storm with the residents under T10.

As the Community Team, we are here to safeguard the residents under severe weather conditions as it might be the first time for many of them to experience a typhoon in their lifetime. There’s nothing our team can do to stop the rain and strong wind, but our presence undoubtedly comforted the residents and provided a sense of security. In return, residents made pizzas and got us McDonald’s despite it raining cats and dogs outside. I was truly touched. It was then that the relationship between residents and the Community Team grew beyond staff and customers.

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Tell us something people might not know about you.

I have a secret obsession over posting on social media.

I can go nuts about finding the right angle, brightness, color and photo setting for HOURS. So don’t be surprised when you see me in the building, spending a lot of time setting up that Instagrammable scene and editing the photos with crossed eyes for the @weavecoliving stories.