Meet the Team – Kenny

By admin 13 January 2020

Name: Kenny

Position: Senior Community Associate, Weave on Baker

Kenny is our very first Senior Community Associate. He joined us as the pre-opening team for Weave on Boundary as a Community Associate and moved on to lead the team at Weave on Baker.

What does co-living mean to you?

A nice place to live with strong connection between residents.

The overall experience is enhanced by having different events, a shared space that is cozy and homey, as well as amenities that offer convenience and comfort.

The heart of a co-living space for me though is a true community that will help the residents enjoy their time at Weave.

Meet the Team Kenny 2 - Meet the Team - Kenny

What is your most memorable moment at Weave?

I can’t point to a specific moment, but residents are always cooking up a storm, making really good use of our kitchen and they’re always happy to share. I’ve had the pleasure to try so many kinds of food from different cultures (Chilly Crab, cookies, pizza, burgers, hotpots, snacks etc.). Most importantly, all of them are really yummy.

Meet the Team Kenny - Meet the Team - Kenny

Tell us something people might not know about you.

There may be a lot of residents I meet every day, but I try extra hard to remember the stories that each resident has told me (where they’re from, what they do, etc.). It’s important for me to build long lasting relationships with the residents and I find that doing so helps me do so 😉