Meet the Team – Liz, Chief Operating Officer

By admin 16 March 2020

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I’m Liz, I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Sydney but I’ve worked in Australia, South Africa and UK before I made my way back to Hong Kong.

IWD Interview Liz 2 - Meet the Team - Liz, Chief Operating Officer

Can you share with us your career path?

I did my degree in Law and Finance but zeroed in on the business side fairly early on and started out as an investment banker. I then moved into property private equity to be closer to the action beyond an advisory role. Real estate came naturally to me because I felt it was something tangible and closer to everyday life.

Here at Weave, my official role is the Chief Operating Officer, but I would describe myself as a skilled jack-of-all-trades. As is the norm with early stage startups, we didn’t have the resources, so it was a go-where-I’m-needed mentality until we got things off the ground. Now that we have a bit of scale, my role is to make sure everything runs smoothly, may it be community, operations, revenue or even delivery of upcoming projects. Another important role I have is to nurture the talented people around me. If people around me are not motivated or share our goal and values, it would make my job utterly difficult.

For me the transition into a startup was quite the challenge because I came from an institutional background. However, I kept having the feeling that I wanted to create something from scratch – turning numbers on a spreadsheet into an actual business!

IWD Interview Liz - Meet the Team - Liz, Chief Operating Officer

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement so far?

Developing the concept of Weave, something that a lot of people were skeptical of at the outset and turning it into something that our residents really appreciate is definitely a highlight of mine. I still remember the days leading up to the opening of Weave on Boundary, scrambling to get everything ready, wondering how all the details we’ve put into the design would be received.

Two years in, my mindset has changed from a desktop investor to an accommodation provider and community caretaker. The responsibility is huge but incredibly rewarding when you see people positively responding to what we’re offering.

IWD Interview Liz 3 - Meet the Team - Liz, Chief Operating Officer

What kind of advice would you have for someone starting out in their career?

A piece of advice I would give, is to always be curious and keep learning.

I’ve had multiple bosses that were good mentors that taught me the ability to ask the right questions. The flip side to that is being a good listener. Give people the time and your undivided attention. It will go a long way in understanding what they do, how to work better together and more importantly them as individuals – what makes them tick, what motivates them.

Don’t think that you already know everything. You can take away something from any situation.