Meet the Team – Sam

By admin 21 May 2020

Name: Sam
Position: Community Associate, Weave on Baker

Sam is one of our Community Associates at Weave on Baker known as the in-house “muscle”. In another life, Sam is a rugby coach/player/fan active within the Hong Kong Rugby Union.

Meet the Team Sam 4 - Meet the Team - Sam

What does co-living mean to you?

Co-living to me is a space that lets people truly open up and a platform that everyone can get to know each other in a meaningful way. This is how communities are built.

A co-living community also shouldn’t be limited to just within the building. Different social circles would meet at the building, intertwine and extend outward. I’m always excited to see the chemistry taking place!

What is your most memorable moment at Weave?

Not quite a moment but more a period, my most memorable experience at Weave is definitely the pre-opening phase of Weave on Baker! As a rookie in the Community Team it was a pleasure to be involved in the set-up of the new property and it felt like Christmas was coming early! It was a tough 6 weeks leading up to the opening and I still remember how relieved the team was on the first day of operation when everything went smoothly. Nothing’s perfect though, so there’s always something that can make us better and I do look forward to taking the experience onto future communities.

Meet the Team Sam 6 - Meet the Team - Sam
Meet the Team Sam 5 - Meet the Team - Sam

Tell us something people might not know about you.

I’m an early person. I love waking up early for some ‘me time’ before starting work – most probably I’ll be enjoying a good workout!

Favourite quote?

‘Rugby is a hooligans game played by gentlemen’ – this reminds me to maintain a good standard of myself and be confident to live my life!