Resident of The Month – Ivo

By admin 16 December 2019

Name: Ivo
Nationality: Italian
Resident at: Weave on Boundary

Tell us a bit more about yourself. 

I’m 26 years old Italian and I’m a software engineer for drones. I’ve studied Chinese before so I thought it would be a good idea to combine my language skills and my engineering background to try to find a job in Hong Kong.
Before Hong Kong, I was in Zurich doing my degree but I always knew I wanted to leave after I finished. I wanted a new experience and to be challenged. My current work splits my time between Hong Kong and Shenzhen which is a perfect combination for me because it allows me to enjoy the quality of life in Hong Kong as well as being immersed in the strong Chinese tech industry. Living in a co-living space also gives me the flexibility to decide somewhere down the line if I want to stay in Hong Kong or move to Shenzhen full time.

Why have you chosen to live in a co-living space? 

The main reason I chose to live in a co-living space is the people. I gain a lot of energy from interactions and for me the most beautiful thing of any place is the people I meet there.
Coming to a new city without any friends or even a job is a really tough experience. I didn’t like the idea of being alone in my own apartment without anybody around me so I went with a co-living space. To me, living in a co-living space is a really good way to kickstart your social life in a city. It gave me a social life and kept me from feeling so isolated.

Tell us the most memorable experience you’ve had at Weave. 

I actually have two.
The first really striking one was my first evening here. I came back after being out all day and there was an event going on. After chatting with some of the community members, one of them sent a photo of me into their group chat introducing me to everyone. Five minutes later, another resident comes down after seeing my photo. Turns out we have friends in common and we’ve both seen photos of each other on social media. By the end of the night I had been introduced to more people that eventually became some of my closest friends in Hong Kong.
The other experience is just the daily interactions with the staff, especially the cleaning ladies. I learned a lot of local culture from them, including how to say my daily breakfast in Cantonese (麥皮 mak6 pei4).

If someone were to ask for advice for co-living spaces, what would you say? 

I would advise people to do a bit of research on different living arrangements and co-living spaces. I spent a little of time researching when deciding whether or not I wanted to continue living at Weave. I concluded that Weave is a value-for-money option considering the hassle-free city living it provides as well as the community that is present.

Anything you’d like to add about Weave Co-Living?

The people here – the Community Team, the Cleaning Team, the Security Team and most importantly my fellow community members, have really struck me as some of the most caring people I’ve met in Hong Kong. The feeling of coming home and seeing all the familiar faces around at Weave is something I truly appreciate.

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