Resident of the Month – Kristin

By admin 4 March 2020

Name: Kristin
Nationality: Chinese
Resident at: Weave on Boundary

Resident of the Month Kristin 4 - Resident of the Month - Kristin

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I’m Kristin, I’ve been living at Weave for just over a year. I came to Hong Kong to do my undergraduate studies at City University of Hong Kong and I stayed after graduation for work.

Resident of the Month Kristin 5 - Resident of the Month - Kristin

Why have you chosen to live in a co-living space?

I first found out about Weave Co-Living through a friend who was also interested in living here. What attracted me to co-living was the convenience of it all.

I was sharing an apartment with a friend after leaving university, but my housemate was preparing to leave Hong Kong after our one-year lease was up. I didn’t want to deal with having to find a new housemate and signing a new lease with someone else. This for me is the pain point of renting my own apartment.

At Weave, I still have housemates in a sense (people that I share living space with), but we are all here as individuals. This means I won’t have the hassle of dealing with housemates moving out, lease signing, bill splitting etc.

The all-inclusive pricing is also very appealing. The onsite Community Team, Security Team and the Cleaning Team all help to make my daily life that much easier.

Even the monthly payments are easier. Since my previous landlord and I used different banks, I needed to take cash to the ATM on a monthly basis to save on transfer fees. At Weave, I can do it by credit card so it’s super easy and I get to collect points in the process.

I have been living in shared accommodation for over 10 years starting with student dorms all the way back in junior high so I’m used to having other people around. I want to belong to a community with interesting people, not just career wise but people who can enrich my life. A lot of the residents I’ve met at Weave came with the intent of extending their social circles, and that is exactly what this space is designed for.

Resident of the Month Kristin 6 1 - Resident of the Month - Kristin

Tell us the most memorable experience you’ve had at Weave.

The most memorable experience I’ve had at Weave was the anniversary party for Weave on Boundary. It was great to see so many of the community in one place and everyone just having a good time. The 30-person beer pong game that was going on was definitely an impressive feat!

If someone were to ask for advice for co-living spaces, what would you say?

I would look at it from three different points, the aesthetics, the location and the community.

I’m someone who values aesthetics very much. The look and feel of the place need to be appealing and it would need to be a place I can feel relaxed in.

Location is also a very important point to me. Somewhere close to work but not so close that I end up not venturing out at all.

Last and most importantly, would be the community. Since a lot of the space is shared, with whom am I sharing the space with will affect my overall experience a lot.

Luckily, Weave on Boundary ticked all the boxes for me 😉