Weave Talks: Worklife in Tech

By admin 2019年1月11日

Weave Talks: Worklife in Tech

Weave Talks Worklife in Tech - Weave Talks: Worklife in Tech

Ever wondered how a career in tech could look like?

Have you ever considered one but didn’t know where/how to start or if you’re qualified? Now’s your chance to find out.

With the waves of successful startups and the rise of everything from blockchain to A.I., opportunities in tech have increased exponentially and careers in tech have been highly sought after.

To tell you more about life in tech companies or functions, we’ve gathered some Weave residents to share some of their experiences. The panel will shed some light how worklife is in tech, from how they got their start, what kind of skill sets are essential, to what a typical work day/week/month looks like for them. Spoiler alert: not everyone in tech knows how to code ?

Who should attend:

Students, aspiring tech industry execs, young professionals, entrepreneurs


Panel Speakers:

Jessie Huang – Tech community builder and startup founder
Amanda Kralj – Technology leader and entrepreneur
Ruzaik Rafeek – Experienced full stack software engineer


Date: 28 July 2018 (SAT)
Time: 7:15PM – 8:30PM
Location: 36 Boundary Street, Prince Edward