What is Co-Living?

Co-Living in simplest terms is hassle-free city living. A hybrid between renting your own studio and sharing an apartment with flatmates, co-living combines the best of both worlds with a focus on comfort, convenience and community. No dealing with mom-and-pop landlords, no arguments over shared bills, no walking up 6 floors to a dingy studio with peeling walls.

But co-living is more than value-for-money urban accommodation. It is a new lifestyle for city dwellers. I often hear friends (and I should add myself to that list) reminisce about our university days, especially the social aspect of being surrounded by friends, be that dorm parties, unrushed conversations over lattes, throwing a frisbee out on the grass or impromptu late night strolls into town for a cheeky snack – the longing for community is obvious, after all, it is human nature to seek companionship. As pressures of work, career and expensive real estate mount, this leaves little time for many young people to have meaningful social interactions. All this usually leads to compromises on lifestyle, long commute times and many hours spent looking into their mobile phones, seeking an escape.

Co-Living changes all of that – by combining private bedrooms with extensive shared spaces, social amenities, a calendar of events to suit different tastes and hotel-like concierge services in city centre locations, co-living is a new way of community living for millennials and young professionals.

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Sachin Doshi

Founder & Chairman